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After 15 years of professional experience separately, and work together in several cases, earlier this summer, we decided to start sharing the experience of professional office. We are very excited to work with a lot of energy and sharing experiences coneixaments.

The range in administrative law is also very wide, from the drafting of an instance before the council to lodge claims in the contentious-administrative courts.

With the combination of our professional experiences, along with the tax advisor who works with us, we can ensure maximum tranquility and total warranty on their purchase and sale of properties, from international , planning and accounting.


They help you in our office Bitterness Street, just 5 minutes walk from the Courts and with a notary's office in the same building.

In our office you will find advice and support for a variety of legal issues within the civil, criminal and administrative law.

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote.


From a simple claim to a divorce, purchase or acceptance of inheritance in civil matters.

In criminal law you find help from simple to complex resource issues.

Middendorf - Servera

He trusted his office in the center of Manacor